The app code

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The app code

Post  .:SugarBaby:. on Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:15 pm

This is the application!

-Pic: Give me a picture!
-First Name: What's your character's first name?
-Last Name: What's your character's last name?
-Age: How old is your character?
-Sex: What is their gender?
-Race: What race are they? Demon, part demon, vampire, others?
-Personality: How do they act?
-Appearance: What do they look like?
-Height: How tall are they?
-Weight: How much do they weigh?
-Birthday: When's their birthday?
-Orientation: Are they straight, bi, or gay?
-Occupation: What do they work as? What school do they go to?
-Biography: What's their bio? Must be at 5 sentances long.
-Main Character: What's your main character? The guy or the girl?

-First Name:
-Last Name:
-Main Character:

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